Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

"BJJ" is a martial art and combat system that focuses on grappling and ground fighting formed from Kodokan Judo ground fighting fundamentals (Japanese: Ne-waza). This martial art discipline became its own combat art through adaptations of Judo through Carlos and Helio Gracie - the founders of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as we practice today.

BJJ promotes the combative fighting concept that a smaller and weaker person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger, and heavier opponent by using proper technique, leverage, and taking the fight to the ground to employ a system of joint-locks and chokes to defeat one's adversary.


BJJ at The Compound - Kid’s & Adult Classes

Our vision for teaching BJJ at The Compound is simple: teach everyone to each person's ability and interest.

For those beginning their journey in BJJ, we aim to teach concepts and fundamentals in an environment free of egos and arrogance - everyone helps everyone improve. Our foundation is built upon self-defense and self-improvement. 

For those that have been a part of the BJJ journey, our vision is to breakdown the walls of BJJ in order to make it better.  The Compound's vision of BJJ is one that is borderless and free of "styles".  Being a Subject Matter Expert is, in our opinion, limiting.  We aim to teach all "styles" of BJJ whether it be for Self-Defense, application to MMA, Leg Locks, or specific guard types. We truly feel that those training at The Compound should have the opportunities to learn all styles of BJJ.


Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a martial arts discipline that focuses on the stand-up striking environment of combat. 

Also known as "Thai Boxing", this martial art combines the use of 2x fists, 2x elbows, 2x knees, 2x shins - giving this art its other nickname, "The Art of Eight Limbs".

Muay Thai employs 8 striking points in its overall concept of stand-up fighting. This art emphasizes control of position and physical balance using clinch techniques to place the striker in optimal distances to engage his/her opponent effectively.


Muay Thai at The Compound - Kid’s and Adult Classes

The Compound's goal in teaching Muay Thai is to synchronize styles to each practitioner's ability and interest.  Our classes will teach "Dutch style" Kickboxing as well as "Traditional Muay Thai" in order to provide the student with the concepts and adaptability to maximize their potential in this extremely powerful martial art.

Note: Kid’s classes WILL NOT include sparring. We are very aware of the studies of CTE in children and would not want to compromise the integrity of your child’s neurological state by incorporating Muay Thai sparring blocks. That said, we will still have realistic and functional training that will avoid any blunt-force trauma to the head for your child(ren).




Judo is primarily a throwing style of martial arts. One of the main characteristics that sets it apart is the practice of using an adversary’s force against them. The basic goal of a judoka is to take an opponent down by using his energy against them. From there, a judo practitioner will either gain a superior position on the ground or subdue an aggressor by employing a submission hold.

The Compound aims to rebuild the bridge between Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, in particular - as BJJ originated from Jigori Kano (Judo Founder). From Standing to Grappling (Newaza), Judo is the first step to the “Gentle” way of fighting on the ground.

Modern Army Combatives Practice in Theater

Modern Army Combatives Practice in Theater

Military/Law Enforcement Combatives

MIL/LEO Combatives have derived from a rich history of conflict dating back to Close-Quarters Combat (CQC) in World War II, to the present day Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) employed by the United States Army and other government agencies across the U.S. Enduring hand-to-hand engagement is not necessarily the best option for the demographic of practitioners in this field of combat. Dominance and Control or Weapon Control and Distance may be each person's best option, depending on the ever-evolving dynamic situation experienced.

MIL/LEO Combatives at The Compound

Our Combatives program will be built on the foundation of MACP and the Israeli Krav Maga.  We offer these classes on an individual basis for the time-being; however, we aim to provide a program of instruction that is standardized for local law enforcement and military personnel whether in-house or at their facilities.

Police Arresting a suspect

Police Arresting a suspect

Source: DC Protests

Source: DC Protests


Yoga at The Compound

This 55-minute class encourages you to quiet the chatter of your mind while moving to the sound of hip and lively music. Keeping the Martial Artist in mind, this carefully-designed class will help prevent injury, practice breathing, strengthen and stretch neglected stabilizing muscles through this yoga practice while having fun doing it! #namago2yoga