This is a complex topic - as are most things in life. Our “Why” is three-fold.

MARTIAL ARTS | Seemingly so, there are so many politics in martial arts: Sport BJJ vs. Self-Defense BJJ, Traditional Muay Thai vs. Dutch Muay Thai, Leg Locks vs. Guard Passing, etc. The list goes on and on. Why is this? Joe Rogan once quoted an old Taekwondo Teacher by saying, “Martial Arts is a vehicle for developing your human potential.” BJJ, Muay Thai, Combatives - they shouldn’t have “styles of expression” for people to adopt based on availability. Our school wants to teach everyone, everything - Self-Defense, “Point BJJ”, “Submission Only BJJ”, Dutch Muay Thai, Traditional Muay Thai - ALL of it. We’ve created a Team of Teams - free of ego, free of closed-mindedness. Our Team is dedicated to making this thing of ours a reality. Members are paying to learn. Let’s learn it all.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT | So often we hear “chase your passion”, or maybe the inverse, “that’s not a real job.” We truly feel that does not have to be the case. The way we’ve designed our organizational structure, we want to prove that practicing BJJ, Muay Thai, or teaching Military and Law Enforcement Combatives, carries with it a bright future. We are aiming to not only provide our members with an EFFECTIVE martial arts education from AMAZING Instructors, but to also provide PROFESSIONAL development to our Instructors. We will work ON our Business so that our Instructors can work IN our Business. We want to provide a martial arts facility that enable people to truly make Martial Arts a CAREER.

INTRINSIC REWARD | Culture. Community. Charity. We wholeheartedly want to give back to the community that made us who we are. Giving kids, teens, and anyone that struggles with so many of life’s curve balls, we want to provide a safe and positive outlet for them to grow. We plan on several seminars and events, particularly in the Anti-Bullying and Female Empowerment communities. It’s not about money for us - it’s about the people. We started this project with the vision to simply open another MMA school to help people learn martial arts. However, through an arduous process and lots of personal deliberation it has morphed into a realization of what our REAL goals are - help people grow personally, physically, and mentally. This is for our family.

This is for our community. These are, in an overly simplified blog, our “Why”.

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