After-School Program

(Mon-Fri: School release-6:30pm)

The Compound's After-School program is extremely special. As parents we understand the HIGH COSTS for after-school care programs which makes it extremely difficult to choose between work or stay-at-home child care.  Our goal in this after-school program is to provide parents a SAFE environment, that’s EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE for their kid(s) to reach their maximum potential!

We provide pick-up from select schools in the vicinity of our martial arts academy and provide a dedicated space for them to complete their homework and unwind with friends after a long day of school.  The program transitions directly into martial arts class from 5:30pm-6:30pm for your child(ren) to work on fundamentals of self-defense, discipline, self-confidence, and teamwork! 

Did we mention that each child's membership is included in our after-school program?

That's right - Unlimited Individual membership is INCLUDED in our After-School Program! 

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Bullying is always going to be a thing...

Bullying is always going to be a thing...

Self-Defense & Anti-Bullying Summer Camp - CAMP KRAKEN

(Mon-Fri: 8:30am-6:30pm)

The Compound's Summer Camp program aims to provide children a consistent environment in which to positively develop physically, and mentally!

Our Staff will provide a structured schedule to keep children engaged in activities in a positive and constructive environment. In addition to regular fun and amazing summer activities developed by our Montgomery County Public School Educators, we incorporate Self-Defense/Anti-Bullying courses each day in order to provide kids the opportunity to learn how to defend themselves, but also understand techniques on how to disengage from bullies.

But wait!  Our concepts on Self-Defense and Anti-Bullying do not stop at the development of confidence on how to defend one's self.  We have also built-in and scheduled classes and activities designed to encourage team building, individual and group leadership, and cohesion to reinforce NOT ONLY the physical aspects of self-defense and anti-bullying, but also the importance of friendships and community.  These activities are proven to work!

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