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The Compound is a martial arts school built on a foundation of Self-Defense and 3 main pillars - BJJ, Muay Thai, and Military/Law Enforcement Combatives.  We seek to study and teach these martial arts, encourage integration of different styles of each, and ensure seamless integration into any Self-Defense/Combat scenario or Competition circuit.


Why the Kraken?

Theories about the Kraken vary. Folklore dating back to the late-13th century to present day mythology explain the traits of a Kraken as vast in size and strength ranging from either a squid, a crab, or what we believe to be an octopus-like sea creature. Furthermore, the Kraken has been noted to be extremely intelligent and aware, highly adaptive, and with its 8 limbs, could sink a ship by wrapping around it and crushing it.

Our goals in teaching draw from the same traits as the Kraken's: intelligence, strength, and adaptability in all facets of our BJJ flow, use of our 8 limbs in Muay Thai, and intelligent application of Combatives for our Military and Law Enforcement programs.

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12210 Plum Orchard Drive

Suite 207
Silver Spring, MD 20904

(Entrance in back of the building)



  • 2600sq ft of premium FUJI Tatami Mats

  • Yokkao Muay Thai equipment

  • Yoga, specifically designed for Martial Arts

  • Functionally-designed Fitness Studio

  • Showers and Locker Room


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